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Tradition transformed

We are Malaki

We believe even the most ancient traditions can be redefined through our passion for innovation and the pursuit of perfection.

By blending our love of quality with timeless style we can elevate every moment of your shisha experience, from ordinary to luxurious.

Why we do it

We see the need for a modern shisha experience

While others narrowly focused on flavour or device manufacturing, no one had captured the sensation and tradition of shisha with today’s needs in mind. We believe well-made products, that are built to last, and an immersive palette of global flavours can spark a link between the past and the present.


Our passion for quality and innovation began with crafting superior molasses.

We found that other high-quality products were woody and full of stems, inconvenient to use, and had fleeting flavor. So we started with the best ingredients, then hand-stripped and roasted each tobacco leaf, creating the smoothest and most flavorful blends in the industry.

We took quality a step further by re-thinking how molasses is made, sold and enjoyed. We invested in new technologies and processes from the ground up, refining each component with care, precision, and a desire for a modern shisha experience.

What began as a desire for better molasses ended up revolutionizing shisha in the process.

Beyond molasses

Knowing we could successfully improve on tradition, we were inspired to craft whole experiences, streamlining and tailoring them to a modern, mobile lifestyle. We were driven to go beyond tobacco and partner with esteemed craftsmen and engineers to design our own pipes.

Integrating the art of smoking seamlessly into our lives and untethering us from the hookah, our pipes are unlike any other. They embrace high-quality materials and modern style, encapsulating our respect for tradition and craft as well as our need for practical beauty.

As we continue to grow, we remain committed to innovation as well as uncompromising, enduring style.